I have noticed that my hair sucks so I’ve decided to buy a clarifying shampoo. Since I have no idea which is hot and which is not, I found a Best Clarifying Shampoo Guide which helped me a lot and I have chosen Neutrogena’s.

My love for cosmetics started back when I was a teenager, but I could not use it until I’ve grown. It used to be like that. Today’s bottlesteenage girls use all cosmetics, as well as adult girls, and what is even more interesting, they know more about cosmetics than girls.

Of course, the worst thing they do not know, that with the use of cosmetics they slowly but surely destroying their youthful appearance, and their youthful attributes. Their hair and skin are still delicate and beautiful so that it’s really not necessary.

Hairspray is a great product suitable for most hair styles and hair types. Select it and use it in the right way and it will help you to make many beautiful hairstyles, from the simple, to the most complex raised hairstyle. They give the perfect finishing touch to the shaped hair, make it retain its shape longer and keeping it from harmful environmental effects.

If you are not getting ready to go out on the runway, there is no reason to apply on the hair six different means of fixing and shine. If you think you need more than one product for styling, you have not found the appropriate product for fixing your hair.

In general, you use gels for smoothly and glossy look, hair sprays for raised voluminous hairstyles. Gel is a water-based product, which will harden and solidify. It is best to applied it to wet hair. There are various, from mild to strong, from those who are easily removed by a comb to those who stay glued to the hair.

With using gels and hairsprays too often, hair weakens and loses its shine. Therefore, it is necessary to use a clarifying shampoo, which will as their name says, deeply cleanse your hair. Already after the first use, your hair will be shiny, squeaky on touch and refreshed. It will look wonderful. I know I have tried it! 

oily-hair-products-neutrogena-anti-residue-shampoo-03It nourishes, strengthens, renews and gives volume to the hair. It is important to point out that it doesn’t dry it a bit which is usually the case with shampoos for volume. Really there are no consequence of dryness on the tops or along the length of the hair.
For the scalp is very soft, it does not cause itching, dandruff or scalp irritation. It is very gentle and can be used by teenage girls.

If you would ask your hair if you can use that many hair styling products, I believe that you know which answer you would get. For keeping your hair healthy for a long time it is best not to use it often. If you use them often, it is important how you do it.

So, here are few advices:

When applying hair spray always move the bottles back and forth, until you stop spray. Never spray just on one place.

If you have dry hair, use hair spray without alcohol, because it dries out your hair. Unfortunately, you will be deprived of a number of brands and types, as most hair sprays contain alcohol.

On the other hand, if your hair is oily, avoid hair sprays for extra shine. Hair sprays besides alcohol and contain a variety of chemicals and therefore, if you use it often, be sure to regularly and properly wash your hair with clarifying shampoo to maintain their health and remove any remnants on the hair. Your hair will be grateful.


kidsTomorrow at 7:00 my three daughters, I and our two dogs are going hiking. Because I am considered like most responsible person, my duty is to plan and take care about everything we carry. First of all I have to ensure that we will not miss anything, but  also not to carry a lot of stuff. First and foremost, we have to prepare drinks and food. Best take natural spring water, and it is also excluded the possibility that we see the same source. As for the food, we must to be sure that it is dry or canned, so that would not be marred, we will also take the dog food for our dogs that are packaged in cans, also for dogs we must bring bottles and bowl as food and water.

 From food for my daughters and me we will choose a variety of pates, canned fish, maybe some dry sausage, biscuits and some chocolate for dessert. Being in the mountains is great, very freshly, and we must bring food that will not melt or something like that, but we are going for a few days, so we need to worry that the dry and canned food must left for the last day of our adventure. Also, we will feed the dogs on the same way. Furthermore, when we planned the food and drink,we should take care of any mountaineering equipment as rope, sticks and so on.

 Then it is well to take a small ax or knife so that we could prepare pieces of wood for a small fire when we set the larger tents which we will also bring.

 hiking-funAlthough for several days my daughters and I are planning this adventure and every day we remember that something else we need to take, this time we hope that this is all, but if it is not already’ll manage somehow, if nothing – it will be more exciting, of course. We have read the manual for hikers and there we have found all information we need. I will definitely  remember something else, when I lie down in bed because I am very excited about of this trip, and I always think if I have prepared everything for us. Sure I am, but I have to admit that my kids have helped me a lot. I also hope that we will be, during these few days, in a good mood!  Surely it will be nice and funny. And yes, this time we must recorded this trip and still prepare the camera to make a few images. I hope it is all now, but if it is not, we will only find out when we come in mountains! So, here we go, on this big trip for us! Hope that the weather will be good, and that it would not be cold. Maybe we will find some kind of animal or plants. I can not wait, and for sure I am very, very happy because of hanging with my lovely daughters!